Whiteside Ridge Server

Whiteside Ridge (known as WSR) is a Guild Wars 2 server named after ANet's previous Lead Producer Chris Whiteside . The server is highly active in WvW and works hard to achieve its goals within an action plan that is set every week in their Weekly Meeting. Whiteside Ridge is built as one united family where everyone focuses on the server's improvement as priority and dedicate their time to whatever helps WSR.

Through the years, the community enlarged by mainly attracting numerous WvW guilds who enjoy quality fights, challenges and serious teamwork without any meaningless comparison or rivalry. After all, everyone works for this community!

Website: is an active website & forums provided by WSR community members. The website is responsive to PC screens and mobile screens, to ensure that everything posted can be followed whether you were at home playing or at work and able to check your cellphone. The website is safe and has verification requirements to access specific sections.

WSR's forums have premium upgrades to adapt with the server's needs, ensuring a great way to communicate between commanders, admins and other players. Also, organizing guild raids, schedules, meetings and tons of polls about decisions to be made.


WSR has a large Teamspeak server hosted by the community members as well, ensures safe team discussions for the guild raids and zerg groups. Not to forget the numerous channels for any activity you can have in mind, PvP channels, PvE channels, world boss section and much more.

Community Events:

WSR PvP Tournament 2v2

WSR PvP Tournament 3v3

GW2C & WSR PvE Events

GW2C in-game Events - Partnered with WSR.

World vs World

WSR fights in Tier 7 within a competitive match-up. Numerous guild raids occur across the day and night to ensure the server's highest possible PPT.

As a warm community, they tend to respect every single aspect of WvW, whether guilds are raiding, PuG-manders are leading or simply if people are roaming around. There is no pressure on anyone because whenever it's needed, everyone answers the server's needs whether for defensive or offensive purposes.

WvW Guilds:

Afraid of Commitment [AoC]

Ariamis [Ari]

Blacktide Alliance [BTA]

Bloody Evolution [EVO]

By Balthazar's Beard [TasH]

Empowers In Three Two [ONE]

Im Here To Help [CURE]

Tempest Thunder [TT]

Uranus Squad [US]

Zunft [ZuT]